Florida Cave Guiding Availability & Conditions

Mer at Devil's Ear

Mer at Devil’s Ear

Wet Rocks Diving still has some prime North Florida cave diving guiding dates available, including during the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday weeks. Email us to reserve your dates now!

Conditions are great across the region, including Indian Springs.

Services offered:

  • Cave 1, Cave 2, and DPV-level guiding
  • “Fun with flow” workshops, for those new to diving high-flow caves or wanting to improve technique
  • Logistics services: tanks, DPVs, lodging packages
  • Private one-on-one guiding including transportation, tanks, and airport pickup.
  • Get off the beaten path: Indian Springs, Tallahassee, Mill Pond, or even neat features/passages in High Springs caves you never knew existed

Email us to reserve your dates now, now booking Nov, Dec and Jan!

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