Cave Try-Dives

Cave Experience/Try-Dives

Been curious about what’s beyond the daylight zone in caves/overheads? Then this is the experience is for you!


Want experience working with reels and guidelines before your Cave 1 or Tech 1 class? We offer a version of this program that includes formal guideline instruction, practice, and feedback. This can be a great way to prepare and get more from your Cave/Tech class.

Above Devil’s Ear

This non-certification experience will introduce the diver to the risks and important safety procedures for diving in the overhead by an experienced GUE Cave Instructor. Optionally, some programs will include instruction and practice in guideline use (a.k.a. running the reel). This experience will include cavern diving and possibly limited cave diving beyond the daylight zone. This experience is NOT failure-based instruction, unlike GUE Cave 1. See the sights and experience what it’s like to be under the overhead with a safety-conscious and competent professional.

This is not a GUE-sanctioned class, but rather an experience for those who otherwise meet the requirements to enter a GUE Cave 1 class.

Duration & Content

  • 1-2 days, typically based on diver goals (or more if desired)
  • 1-3 divers
  • North Florida or Mexico
  • Involves hands-on field drills, thorough briefings, and cavern diving
  • Some experiences will involve limited cave diving beyond the daylight zone, depending on the skill and comfort of participants.
  • This experience will not result in any certification.

Requirement Highlights

  • GUE Fundamentals-Technical rating
  • At least 100 lifetime dives beyond open water certification
  • At least 18 years old
  • Medical form
  • If using a drysuit, sufficient drysuit experience.
  • Basic GUE system equipment using double tanks and backup mask. Plus cave-specific equipment such as: primary and backup lights, safety spool, directional and non-directional markers, plus one primary reel. Cave-specific and any other needed equipment is available for rent.

A spectacular view from the Blue Grotto cavern

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