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Global Underwater Explorers

Project Baseline and Project Baseline on Vimeo

Facebook: Meredith Tanguay

Facebook: Wet Rocks Diving Group

Rubicon Foundation digital repository of Diving and Environmental Physiology Research. Free downloads of articles!

Human Factors Academy: Human Factors Skills in Diving — Micro Online Class and Two-Day Live Course.
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Evernote: helpful and free note-taking and personal database for diving, GUE courses, and many other uses

Real Estate

If you have a real estate need near or far, let Exclusive Homes Group help you find the right agent to meet your needs. Email us or 978-430-8794.


Extreme Exposure: Dive Center in High Springs, FL

Air Hogs: Dive Center in Raleigh, NC

Dive Right in Scuba: Dive Center and Charters in Chicago, IL

Brownies Southport: Dive Center and Charters in South Florida

Amigos: Dive Center in Fort White, FL

Kona Diving Company: Full-service dive center and charters in Kona, Hawaii

Torpedo Tours: Charters in Kona, Hawaii

Danny Riordan: GUE Cave Instruction/Guiding, Mexico. Instructor Evaluator: Fundamentals/Cave. North Florida and Mexico.

Annika Persson: GUE Fundamentals/Recreational/Technical Instruction. Instructor Trainer Recreational/Fundamentals, Norway/Sweden/Croatia.

Rob Lee: GUE Fundamentals/Recreational Instruction. San Francisco, CA.

Gerard Newman/Opua Private Scuba: NAUI Tech Instruction/Guiding. Technical diving and CCR support. Kona, Hawaii.

James Garrett: Webhosting and website development.

To request addition here, email us.

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Fitness & Swimming

Fitness for Divers:


For the ladies:

The New Rules of Lifting for Women: Lift Like a Man, Look Like a Goddess 




Total Immersion – Perpetual Motion Self-Coaching




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Things that might just make your diving (or caving) day a little better!


Florida (including High Springs) – see here


Hawaii (including Kona) – see here


Fun Stuff

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The Oatmeal

Piled Higher and Deeper

Death Star Canteen

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