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A pro-tip is a trick or practice that, although not part of the GUE curriculum, we’ve found makes diving easier or more enjoyable. You’ll learn many more pro-tips in your GUE classes, but here are a few to get you going…

How to Tie the “Boltsnap Knot”

See this PDF for Our Tutorial on How to Tie “The Knot”

Avoiding “Boltsnap Thumb”

Boltsnap thumb is the nasty cuts on your thumb or fingers from opening the gate of boltsnaps with bare hands while diving.  Here’s some tips on how to avoid it:


1. Use stainless steel boltsnaps. Brass is softer than stainless and the action of the gate moving through the slot will sharpen the slot over time.

2. Check your boltsnaps and double-enders for sharp edges to the slot; remedy.

  • P1060756-001If you find any sharp edges, obtain a metal fingernail file (often found in cheap manicure kits) or a dremel with a small attachment
  • File the sharp edges to the slot.
  • Mark your boltsnaps and double-enders so your buddies don’t steal them now that they are cut-free snaps.

3. Dive more. Callouses are good.

4. If you are prone to boltsnap thumb despite above protips, pre-coat your affected thumb or finger(s) with superglue before the dive. The glue will come off slowly during the dive, but it will offer some protection. **Warning** Do not let your buddies “distract” you while applying said superglue or you might end up with your thumb glued to your forehead.P1060754-001

Moving Doubles: “Get A Grip”


Tired of poor grip when loading wet double tanks into the car?

Not tall enough to lift doubles from the valves alone and still clear the rear bumper?

Keep an extra junk facecloth in the back of your vehicle. When loading tanks, use the facecloth around the bottom bolt to give you a firm grip on the tanks while protecting your fingers from the bolt threads. This also has the added bonus of making the grip higher on the tanks so that you don’t have to squat as low when lifting them in versus grabbing the bottom of the tank.

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