2021-2022 Training Update

Updated: Oct 2021

It’s been super busy during COVID and as things are opening back up. Running classes outside of Florida is still… complicated. But we are starting to look into them more as vaccination rates go up and positivity rates go down. For High Springs classes, we have a system down that works really well with the new normal. Wet Rocks Diving has taken the opportunity to innovate during these times, resulting in some new benefits to Wet Rocks Diving students that we think are a real game-changer for improving these already top-quality courses. Find out more at a Fundies Info Session…

Info Sessions

Fundamentals is unlike almost any other course you’ve ever taken in the diving world. There’s a lot to learn about in order to figure out if it’s right for you (and it’s not for everyone). We hold periodic free Info Sessions over Zoom. During this session we cover:

  • what Fundamentals is about
  • how to figure out if it’s right for you
  • what to expect
  • the methodology used
  • how to prepare and common equipment questions
  • the Wet Rocks Diving difference <– there’s some awesome new benefits here
  • COVID-related modifications and protocols

Wet Rocks Diving is being conservative when it comes to COVID protocols and precautions. Find out why at this info session.

Email us here to be invited to the next Fundamentals Info Session, it’s free!

Calendar Showing Available Seats

The most reliable place to see available class dates and seats for Wet Rocks classes is here. Feel free to email us to add a class as well!

Early 2022 GUE Fundamentals Seats

2022 GUE Fundamentals Seats

2021-2022 Recreational GUE Classes

GUE Instructor Development

It looks like we will be having a multi-part ITC starting in the Summer or Fall of 2022. Two 2-day online sessions plus 3-days in-person in North Florida. Please email us to make sure you’re on our radar for info and coordination sessions regarding this, and future, ITC schedules.

GUE Cave and Tech Training Waves

We are holding many of our Cave and Tech classes in “waves.” This is a set of 2-3 classes in close proximity time-wise and allows for mini-class-years of students that can be a real asset when preparing for class and having more teammates similarly-situated for post-class experience dives.

As of Oct 2021, Wet Rocks is already 75% booked on Cave 1 seats and 50% booked on Cave 2 and Tech 1 seats for 2022. Book early! Email us here if interested in Cave or Tech classes…these book multiple months to a year out at times, so do not delay in contacting us

  • all Cave classes below are in High Springs FL (other locations available by request)
  • Cave 1 wave – Oct-Nov 2021 – FULL (one the last minute seat available here)
  • Cave 1 wave – late April 2022 – very limited seats remain
  • Cave 1 wave – Oct 2022 – 2 seats remain
  • Cave 2 wave – Jan 2022 – slot for one team remains
  • Cave 2 wave – Nov 2022 – slot for one team remains
  • Tech 1 wave – South Florida – late-May, early June 2022
  • Tech 1 wave – Bonaire – late-Aug or Sept 2022, back-up plan is SFL if COVID-conditions in Bonaire worsen.

We will be holding periodic free Info Sessions for Cave and Tech students, during which we’ll discuss:

  • Which first: cave or tech? — pros and cons of different course-orders
  • Where to train? — pros and cons of different class locations
  • How to prepare — for Tech or Cave and how that prep is a little different for the two classes
  • The Wet Rocks Online Learning Process <— there is some neat NEW stuff here!
  • A preview of Wet-Rocks-Only student resources
  • COVID precautions
  • Next steps

Email us here to be invited to the next Cave/Tech Info Session, it’s free!

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