Client Resources

Wet Rocks Diving’s Client Resources for Course Preparation

Below is a comprehensive document on how to prepare for your upcoming GUE class. Wet Rocks Diving’s students will be provided the appropriate password to access these pages.


For GUE Fundamentals Students

For GUE Learn to Dive (Rec 1) Students who plan to rent equipment during class

For GUE Learn to Dive (Rec 1) Students who already have or plan to buy their equipment before class

For GUE Fundamentals Part 1 Students for those taking the 2-day “first half” class

For GUE Doubles Primer Students who have previously taken a GUE class

For GUE Drysuit Primer Students who have previously taken a GUE class

For GUE Fundamentals Upgrade Students

For GUE Cave 1 Students

For GUE Cave 2 Students

For GUE Tech 1 Students



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More of these links will become active as we transition over from an email-based system to a more adaptive web-based system.

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