Documentation Diver

Documentation Diver

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Learn project management and planning as well underwater photo, video, survey, modeling, lighting, sketching, editing techniques, publishing, and safe management of photo/video/survey equipment and team. Course focus is highly customize-able to the local features of where the class is taught and the interests/experience of the students involved. Put your refined skills to work in this super fun class.vlcsnap-2014-11-18-11h30m43s143

Duration & Content

  • 4-5 days, depending on logistics (or longer with special arrangements)
  • Kona classes can include extra post-class day of dry caving and survey practice
  • 2 or more students
  • Involves classroom, hands-on field drills, and diving
  • Run a mini-documentation project during class; the more students, the better!

Requirement Highlights

  • GUE Recreational 1 or Fundamentals graduate (Rec or Tech level)
  • For Doc Diver – Cave Edition: Must be GUE Cave 2 Diver.
  • 75 lifetime dives with at least 25 dives since Rec 1 or Fundamentals
  • Swim test: 400 yards in 14 mins and 60 foot underwater breath-hold swim
  • Basic GUE system equipment, single or double tanks (if already experienced in doubles)
  • doc diver students with camera topsideYour UW camera/video system including strobes/lighting or use ours.
  • A laptop capable of running video editing software. There are free and paid software options available.
  • Complete course requirements available here

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