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Site Background: © 2011 Keith Gault, Madison Blue Springs, FL

About Mer: On-rope Shaka: © 2013 Tara Rodgers

About Mer: Kanji: (cc) KoiQuestion – used under Creative Commons attribution license

About Wet Rocks: Tubers (cc) Ted Murphy – used under Creative Commons attribution license

About Max: SS Thistlegorm (cc) Woodym555 – used under Creative Commons attribution license

Max’s Favorite Dives: Lemon Shark (cc) by Gary Rinaldi and USS Rankin (cc) by Matthew Hoelscher

Page Header: Indian Springs, pair of divers with scooters in Bone Narcosis room: © 2013 Rob Lee

Page Header: Cave Diver Silhouetted in Green: © 2015 Kevin Dow, Naharon Cave

All Other Photos not otherwise credited: © 2003-2020 Meredith Tanguay, Wet Rocks Diving


Mer would personally like to thank all of her dive buddies who have fed the addiction and passion all these years; her students and guidees who have both challenged her and allowed her the joy of sharing her passions; dedicated video divers for demonstrating how this team thing works; her parents, co-workers, and real estate clients for tolerance of occasional “underwater-outages”; Bob Sherwood for getting Mer into GUE the right way; Team Redemption and David Rhea for making sure Mer was thoroughly cave-addicted; Gerard Newman for additional perspective, mentorship, sanity dives, and amazing pizza; the greater Ohana of Kona Diving Company for kidnappings and generally providing a kick-butt good time; Steve Gamble and Helen Graauw for keeping her dry; the Wednesday night dive regulars for life advice, diving pontification, and generally blowing off steam; Team Honey Badger for reasons they don’t care about; Extreme Exposure for being logistical gurus; her fellow Instructor-candidates for camaraderie and an inappropriate Spanish vocabulary; the ladies at HQ (and Andreas) for answering many of Mer’s stupid website back-end questions; amazing instructor mentorship from Joakim Hjelm, Sonya Tittle, Ed Hayes, Kooz du Preez, and Doug Mudry; and patient and quality instructor development by Guy Shockey, Mark Messersmith, Graham Blackmore, Karim Hamza, Kirill Egorov, Chris LeMaillot, Fred Devos, David Rhea, and Danny Riordan.

Special thanks to our website proofreaders, image contributors, and to James Garrett for technical consultation.

School of Horse Eye Jack

School of Horse Eye Jack, Bonaire

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