Mer’s Favorite Dives

Mer’s Favorite Dives

Indian Springs

Mer’s Favorite Florida Cave Dives

  1. Indian Springs, upstream, downstream, anywhere
  2. Hole in the Wall, toss up between Motha of All Waters, Constellation Corridor, and the Route to Sheck’s Bottle
  3. Madison Blue, Courtyard and beyond, upstream of Rocky Horror
  4. Manatee Springs, with a scooter, Chalkley Bypass and anything upstream of Friedmann Sink
  5. Jackson Blue, Crinoid Glory
  6. Ginnie Springs, Mainland Sweet Surprise

Mer’s Favorite Kona Dive Sites

  1. Au Au Crater
  2. Kaloko, if I can manage to not get lost
  3. Pipedream
  4. Lone Tree Arch Night Dive
  5. Kaiwi deep drift from Fish Rock to Outhouse
  6. Two Step at Honaunau

Mer’s Favorite Mexico Cave Dives

  1. Jailhouse, saltwater passage
  2. Naharon
  3. Carwash
  4. Pet Cemetery

Mer’s Favorite Bonaire Sites

  1. Bari Reef
  2. Hilma Hooker wreck
  3. Red Slave
  4. La Dania’s Leap

Mer’s Favorite Dives Not Mentioned Above

  1. Jodrey wreck, Alexandria Bay, NY
  2. U-352 off North Carolina
  3. Folly Cove, Rockport, MA
  4. George Marsh Schooner wreck, Kingston, Ontario
  5. USS Bass off Block Island, CT/NY
  6. Daryaw wreck, Brockville, Ontario

Mer’s Wishlist Dives

  • Haven Wreck, Portofino, Italy achieved Sept 2017
  • Cornelia B. Windiate wreck, Lake Huron
  • Truk Lagoon
  • Bikini Atoll
  • Palau
  • Philippines

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Team Red Goes to Mexico! — Video (c) Kevin Dow

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