Update & 2020-21 Fundamentals Classes


Wet Rocks Diving started back to in-person teaching at the beginning of Sept. See the blog post here. We’ve made many modifications to keep our students and instructors as safe as possible in these strange times. Safety is top priority and we are being more conservative with respect to COVID than most. We’ve modified procedures, require masks, have enhanced physical distancing, and are avoiding indoor classrooms (see Online Learning below). For those of you who don’t know North Florida, it is rural so it is possible to get some distance and avoid crowds with the right knowledge of sites and their traffic patterns. The dive center we use is in a county that requires mask use indoors.

Our instructors are taking the COVID risk very seriously. Our instructors are practicing strict social distancing and mask use both inside and outside of class time when around anyone we don’t live with, we are not gathering in social groups, and we are avoiding dine-in restaurants. We are looking for students with similar attitudes, diligence to hygiene, and similar perspective on the COVID situation.


Most up-to-date calendar is here.

We have limited seats available in Nov, Dec, and Jan classes. These become available for new reservations starting Thurs 17 Sept. First come, first served. Email us today for more info!


If you’re interested in a Feb, Mar, or Apr 2021 class in North Florida, now is not too early to contact us for more info or to request dates. With most keeping their travel domestic, we’ve actually had MORE requests than normal for class seats. We are taking requests now and will construct a spring Fundamentals schedule soon.


NC, VA, PA, MA, VT?, OH, IL, KY?, AL?… Wet Rocks is headed there, with the tan scuba van of awesome, if we have a vaccine that has taken by April.  The tentative schedule is posted here and about half the seats have already been claimed. Email us today if you’re interested in the Quarry Tour.


To increase safety and distancing, we’ve moved much of our classroom time to LIVE, INTERACTIVE Zoom sessions, with recordings available as a Plan B for some sessions. Live, interactive learning with an instructor will remain at the core of our educational methods at Wet Rocks Diving, and online learning has actually afforded us the chance to build even more resources for our students. It’s super exciting and great things are happening. So far online learning has been well-liked by students and has proven effective. Right now you’re getting more content for the same tuition. Attend a Fundamentals Info Session (see below) to find out more.


If you haven’t yet had a long one on one phone call with Mer or Max, or want to find out more about our COVID procedures, online learning, or the Quarry Tour, then you should attend a Fundamentals info session on Zoom. We’ll discuss what Fundamentals is all about, what to expect, the methodology used, equipment requirements, and the Wet Rocks Diving difference. Email us to find out when the next info session is!

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