GUE’s Cave Courses

While not all of these courses are strictly within GUE’s Cave Diver curriculum, here is training that will help you advance your diving into the overhead.

Cave guiding is available to certified cave divers from any agency.

GUE Fundamentals Tech Upgrade

Fundamentals Tech Upgrade is a session which allows a GUE Rec 1 or GUE Fundamentals graduate to demonstrate they meet the Fundamentals Technical Rating requirements for entry to a GUE Cave 1 or Tech 1 class. If student’s previous GUE training was in a single tank, best results may be achieved by combining a Doubles Primer with the Tech Upgrade.

Cave Experience/Try-Dives

Find out if you like cave diving! Wet Rocks Diving offers a non-certification cave diving experience for divers who have attained the GUE Fundamentals-Technical rating and would qualify to enter a Cave 1 class but want a little taste before they take the next step.

GUE Cave Diver Level 1

Explore the wet rocks of underwater caves, delicate formations, massive rooms, beautiful clay banks, twisty passage, awe-inspiring speleothems, and unique cave-adapted critters. At Wet Rocks Diving we have passion for cave diving! Wet Rocks Diving offers Cave 1 instruction, as well as coaching pre- or post- cave class to brush up your skills or master & enjoy high flow caves.

Cave Triox Upgrade

Have a clearer head on those deeper cave dives. Optional add-on to certain Cave 1 classes, also available as a one-day upgrade to certified GUE Cave Divers of all levels.

GUE Documentation Diver – Cave Edition 

GUE Cave 2 graduates learn project management and planning as well underwater photo, video, survey, modeling, lighting, sketching, editing techniques, publishing, and safe management of photo/video/survey equipment and team — in the Cave! Course focus is highly customize-able to the local features of where the class is taught and the interests/experience of the students involved. Put your refined skills to work in this super fun class.

Cave Workshops

Workshops focus on a specific skill or environment in which you are already certified, but want to improve. They will be more structured than mentoring or coaching, but less rigid than a formal course. Cave workshops include: “Flow is Fun!,” “Cave Propulsion,” “Cave Support,” and “Deep Cave.”

GUE Cave Diver Level 2, 3, Cave DPV, Cave Survey

As a GUE Cave 2, Tech 2+, JJ-CCR diver, Mer is familiar with these classes. Email her today to discover if any of these offerings are right for you! Mer will recommend the right pre-requisite courses to complete your skill-set preparation for these upper-level classes and recommend instructors for your additional GUE training. Also, Wet Rocks Diving arranges Cave 2 classes, which may include the benefit of two instructors for the price of one! Please inquire.

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