2019 GUE Classes in USA

Only a Few Seats Remain

The schedule has been finalized! Classes will be taught by Wet Rocks Diving in some very special locations. If you’re interested, please email us to be added to our mailing list so you won’t miss announcements for the 2019 or future Training Tours. Our primary mode of communication is EMAIL, not social media.

GUE Fundamentals — Summer 2019:

Most seats have already been claimed, email us today to find out if GUE Fundamentals is right for you! This very special tour is the culmination of a multi-year effort to bring Fundamentals to areas of the USA that rarely or have never hosted a class. Contact us today for current seat availability; these seats won’t last long! No additional Fundamentals classes will be added (until the 2020 Tour that is).

  • Below availability is as of 21 April 2019:
  • Raleigh, NC – mid June — upgrade/doubles classes only
  • Dutch Springs, PA – Mid-Late June – 2 classes, only one seat remains
  • Greater Boston area, MA – early July – Part 1 – Inquire
  • Southern NH – mid July – Drysuit – Inquire
  • Gilboa Quarry, OH – early August – FULL, taking wait list
  • Grand Rapids MI – mid August – double class per TEAM MITTEN request – FULL
  • Chicago Area (Haigh), IL  – late August – second class has ONE seat remaining
  • Pennyroyal Quarry, KY – early Sept – only ONE seat remains

GUE Fundamentals Classes Florida/Hawaii:

  • North Florida –  Dec 2019, Jan 2020, Apr 2020 now booking (and seats are already filling!)
  • South Florida – on demand (Winter and Spring 2020)
  • Kona, Hawaii – Feb 2020 – Honolulu is also possible

Click here to see some of our scheduled or proposed class dates.

Other Recreational Classes and Learn to Dive

  • North/South Florida – May 27-Jun 1 2019 – ONE SEAT remains
  • Hawaii – Feb 2020

Cave Training and Guiding or Coaching: North Florida

  • Request early to secure your choice dates: there are occasionally last minute availability, but for best results, plan 6-9 months ahead
  • Fall schedule is filling quickly and we are already taking bookings for fall/winter 2019-2020 and spring-summer 2020
  • Cave 1 – mid-May 2019 – FULL
  • Cave 2 – with Danny Riordan and Mer – pre-GUE Conference Nov 2019
  • Cave Triox Upgrade – pre-GUE Conference Nov 2019 – 1 day session for GUE-certified cave divers
  • Cave 1 – post-GUE Conference Nov 2019 – limited seats remain and are going quick

Technical Training and Guiding or Coaching

  • South Florida – Late Sept 2019  – ONE SEAT remains
  • Bonaire – Early Oct 2019
  • Kona, Hawaii – Feb 2020, possibly shifting to Honolulu-based class

As always, if you’re looking for a class in your location or on your teams’ specific dates, please email us to request we put it on the schedule.

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