Install Decoplanner on Mac

 Installing Decoplanner on a Mac

decoplanner-logoGlobal Underwater Explorers’ dive planning and decompression software, Decoplanner, is a great program and integral to GUE’s Cave and Tech classes. It is also of interest to many recreational divers as a planning tool.

Decoplanner is available for purchase from GUE here. This software is included as part of the student materials packet for all GUE Cave-  and Tech- level classes.

However… Decoplanner software runs natively on PC/windows only. Here are some methods that historically have worked for Mac users:

How to Install Decoplanner on Mac (most simple)

Use freeware Wineskin to create a “bottle” in which a Windows program can run on Mac OS, without reboot and without a Windows license.

Wineskin is available here.

Tutorial 1: Walkthru of an installation. A huge thank you to Wet Rocks Diving’s students Andrew & Tina Dow for this video.

Tutorial 2: Archived discussion from the GUE Forum, with How-To, available here.

**2020 Update**

For Catalina OS, you may want to consider using Crossover software (see below)

How to Install Decoplanner on Mac (alternatives)

  • Option 1: Parallels
  • Option 2: Crossover
  • Option 3: Winebottler
    • Similar to Wineskinwinebottlerscreenshot

GUE does not provide installation/tech support; this information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed.

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