Over the duration of a class or during a dive trip, we often feel compelled to adopt a team name that describes the mood, conditions, or other shenanigans involved.  Here are some of the past teams Mer’s been part of or taught.

Team Dive Tek Hawaii
Team Redemption
Team TS Debby
Team Honey Badger
Team Angels
Team Duckweed
Team Sunglasses
Team Aquaman
Team Jeff
Team Lowrider
Team H&B
Team Silver Lining
Team Ginger
Team Toastmaster
Team Sawtooth
Team Fuzz & Buzz
Team Squirrel Tamer
Team Red Shirt
Team Expect Great Things
Team Carlos
Team Rise and Shine
Team Mintz
Bermuda: Red Team
Bermuda: Blue Team
Team Two Thirds Ginger
Team NMP
Team Happy Vikings
Team ABM
Team EA
Team Burp
Team Fist Bump
Team Much To My Parents Chagrin
Team Special Surprise
Team Mike
Team East West
Team Time Warp
Team Vertigo
Team Two-Thirds Ginger
Team Tres Amigos
Team Miller Time (aka Team Mille Tim)
Team Korean Thanksgiving
Team Not That I Recall
Team The Show
Team Piotr’s Fault (aka Team Slightly Retarded Squirrel)
Team Awesome!
Team Snorkeler’s Nightmare
Team EDE (estrogen dominant environment)
Team Swear Count
Team Brain-Eating Amoebas
Team BC Buds
Team No Name
Team No Sunshine
Team Los Dos
Team Catfish
Team Mitten
Team Murphy’s Law
Team Crossing the Line
Team Cave Yacht – because 120s are to caves what Cadillacs are for the open roads!
Team Pathfinder
Team Half Grasshopper – Team Half Burrito has an unfortunate run-in with a grasshopper, at least unfortunate for the grasshopper.
Team Small Dumps
Team Festivus (for the restivus) – their team picture, sadly, is not internet safe
Team Three Fourths
Team Second Nature
Team CG – Team Groupie
Team FatiGUE – Cuz you can’t spell fatigue without GUE!
Team Mistakes Were Made

What team name will your traveling group or class earn?

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