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Why Train with Mer and the Wet Rocks Diving Team?

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  • Involved with GUE since 2003
  • Trained with the Founders of GUE
  • Been in your shoes
    • Mer and others on the Wet Rocks Diving team learned to be high-capacity divers via GUE Fundamentals and learned to Cave dive or Tech dive through GUE.
    • This makes us very familiar with the psychology of the process our students experience since we dealt with fixing our own real problems during these GUE classes.
  • Nearly 20 years in education, 8+ years in SCUBA education
  • Perspective: Mer is one of only 9 instructors worldwide for GUE who teach both GUE Cave and GUE Tech classes. Regardless of your interests and goals, this range of perspective will be an asset to your Fundamentals or coaching experiences.
  • Location: Wet Rocks Diving has bases in Hawaii and Florida, with a focus on growing team-minded divers in the Eastern USA. We are available worldwide by advanced arrangement.
  • Heavily involved in projects and other volunteer efforts in diving
    • Cave exploration
    • Project Baseline major missions & R/V Baseline Explorer
    • A drive, urgency, and passion to give greater purpose to our diving (in addition to great memories) by helping save the planet along the way
  • Believe in fair and balanced feedback
    • We identify what worked and WHY
    • We identify what could be improved and SPECIFIC solutions to YOUR focus areas
    • We establish priorities for how YOU should train
    • We put you on a trajectory of improvement with specifics on how to continue that trend even once class is over
    • Instruction-focus with enough evaluation to know where you are and what you need for your goals
  • Empathy without compromising high standards
  • Emphasis on Human Factors in Diving
  • Provide advice that is in the best interest of the CLIENT’S GOALS, rather than our bottom line
    • We focus on making the RIGHT booking, not the NEXT booking
    • We’d rather turn you down than let you down (sometimes practice/experience is more important than the next class)
    • Success by focusing on long-term relationships
  • No equipment-purchase pressure
    • Wet Rocks Diving does not have gear sales in our business model
    • Any gear advice we give you is non-biased and based on what we would buy for ourselves if we had the same goals and needs as you!
  • Judgement-free zone for Fundamentals
    • Come with an open mind and listen to the story of GUE’s holistic system and the reasons behind it
    • Gear doesn’t need to be perfect, just sufficient for productivity. Often much of your current gear can be adapted. Fundamentals is for learning how to improve both skills and kit.
    • If at the end, this holistic way of diving is not for you, that’s OKAY! Feel free to take away skills improvements and add them to your system of choice.

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Wet Rocks Diving: Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs

Evolve, Excel, Explore, Enjoy.

To cultivate high capacity divers, to form high-functioning teams, to develop capable dive professionals with careers worth having, while exploring and conserving our underwater world… and having a heck of a good time while at it.

To be the dive training and guiding company of choice for DIVERS who seek the best.
To be the team of choice for DIVE PROFESSIONALS who seek the best development and partnership.


Belief System:
Commitment: in all things
Integrity: do the right thing
Teamwork: together everyone achieves more
Trust: starts with honesty
Win-win: or no deal
Exploration: stay curious
Conservation: is the reason, not the after-thought
Communication: seek first to understand
Success: results through people

Wet Rocks Diving is a team of dive educators and dive guides. As a high-quality SCUBA education and guiding company, we empower our clients to improve their dive capacity, safety, and fun through:

  • commitment to excellence,
  • uncompromising standards,
  • professional development and partnership,
  • honest and balanced feedback,
  • solutions and support,
  • while conserving the aquatic environment we love and
  • cultivating exploration on both personal- and global- scales.

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Wet Rocks Diving: Our Big WHY

We believe that our diving should be meaningful

What meaningful is will vary from diver to diver; and generally, this means that we’re able to do something our diving. For example, your meaningful thing might be one of the following:

  • Achieving zen on the reef
  • Going somewhere no diver has gone before
  • Taking that perfect picture
  • Being a citizen scientist to help document and preserve the precious underwater world
  • Building communities with strong connections and a common purpose
  • Being a better buddy and resource to my team, friends, family, and dive community
  • Enjoyment of beautiful places
  • Something totally unique to you for your own reasons and motivations

What’s in common with all of these? Whichever meaningful things you want to do with your diving, it is better accomplished by having better diving skill, more knowledge, and more experience.

Our team at Wet Rocks Diving helps you achieve YOUR meaning in your diving by helping to improve your skill, further your knowledge, and gain meaningful experience by being adaptive to each of our clients and their big WHY.

See the above two sections to see how we accomplish this. The journey matters… come travel that road with us!

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