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Why Train with Mer and Wet Rocks Diving

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  • Involved with GUE since 2003
  • Trained with the Founders of GUE
  • Been in your shoes
    • Mer (and others on the Wet Rocks Diving team) learned to be high-capacity divers via GUE Fundamentals and learned to Cave dive and Tech dive through GUE.
    • This makes us very familiar with the psychology of the process our students experience since we dealt with fixing our own real problems during these GUE classes.
  • 15+ years in education, 5+ years in SCUBA education
  • Heavily involved in projects and other volunteer efforts in diving
    • Cave exploration
    • Project Baseline major missions & R/V Baseline Explorer
  • Believe in fair and balanced feedback
    • We identify what worked and WHY
    • We identify what could be improved and SPECIFIC solutions to YOUR focus areas
    • We establish priorities for how YOU should train
    • We put you on a trajectory of improvement with specifics on how to continue that trend even once class is over
  • Empathy without compromising high standards
  • Judgement-free zone for Fundamentals
      • Come with an open mind and listen to the story of GUE’s holistic system and the reasons behind it
      • If at the end, this holistic way of diving is not for you, that’s OKAY! Feel free to take away skills improvements and add them to your system of choice.

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    Wet Rocks Diving: Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs

    Evolve, Excel, Explore, Enjoy.

    To cultivate high capacity divers, to form high-functioning teams, to develop capable dive professionals with careers worth having, while exploring and conserving our underwater world… and having a heck of a good time while at it.

    To be the dive training and guiding company of choice for DIVERS who seek the best.
    To be the team of choice for DIVE PROFESSIONALS who seek the best development and partnership.


    Belief System:
    Commitment: in all things
    Integrity: do the right thing
    Teamwork: together everyone achieves more
    Trust: starts with honesty
    Win-win: or no deal
    Exploration: stay curious
    Conservation: is the reason, not the afterthought
    Communication: seek first to understand
    Success: results through people

    Wet Rocks Diving is a team of dive educators and dive guides. As a high-quality SCUBA education and guiding company, we empower our clients to improve their dive capacity, safety, and fun through:

    • commitment to excellence,
    • uncompromising standards,
    • professional development and partnership,
    • honest and balanced feedback,
    • solutions and support,
    • while conserving the aquatic environment we love and
    • cultivating exploration on both personal- and global- scales.


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