New Addition to the Wet Rocks Team!

Max Frenkel, Scuba Educator and GUE Instructor

Wet Ret Rocks Diving welcomes Max Frenkel to the team!

Max is a GUE Fundamentals Instructor and is based in South Florida. He will be taking the lead on South Florida GUE recreational classes for Wet Rocks Diving and will also be teaching in High Springs FL as well as on some Summer Quarry Tour locations.

To find out more about Max, see his bio here

2 thoughts on “New Addition to the Wet Rocks Team!

  1. Welcome, Max!

    I trained with Max after coming back to GUE after a long sabbatical. To say he was an excellent instructor would be an understatement. He had the entire team (class) challenging their status quo while also improving our teamwork dynamic 10-fold. GUE and Wetrocks bring personalized, professional, and ongoing leadership values second to none in underwater education and training. I highly recommend Max and the Wetrocks team for your next class.

  2. Congratulations to Max, Mer and Wet Rocks! I have trained and dove with Max and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend divers looking to improve their skills to join Max in a class.

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