Wet Rocks Tech Training 2022

Enjoy underwater rusty things or all. the. fish. with us in 2022!

We are holding many of our Cave and Tech classes in “waves.” This is a set of 2-3 classes in close proximity time-wise and allows for mini-class-years of students that can be a real asset when preparing for class and having more teammates similarly-situated for post-class experience dives.

Tech 1 – going deeper

We currently have two multi-class Tech 1 waves in 2022.

  • Late-May/early June 2022, South Florida
  • late Aug-Sept 2022, Bonaire
  • These are 50%+ booked as of Oct 2021

We will be holding periodic free Info Sessions for Cave and Tech students, during which we’ll discuss:

  • Which first: cave or tech? — pros and cons of different course-orders
  • Where to train? — pros and cons of different class locations
  • How to prepare — for Tech or Cave and how that prep is a little different for the two classes
  • The Wet Rocks Online Learning Process <— there is some neat NEW stuff here!
  • A preview of Wet-Rocks-Only student resources
  • COVID precautions
  • Next steps

Email us here to be invited to the next Cave/Tech Info Session, it’s free!

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