Free Presentation on GUE Equipment Configuration in Virginia

gue3colorblacktext_printGUE Instructor Meredith Tanguay will be giving a free presentation on the “Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) Equipment Configuration: What Features and Why.” The presentation is next Saturday, June 25th, 2016 in Rawlings, Virginia.

Down Under Divers Club (DUDC) from Raleigh, NC will be holding a dive outing at Lake Phoenix in Rawlings, VA. Mer will be doing this presentation as a follow up to her June 14th presentation to the dive club on Project Baseline, R/V Baseline Explorer and GUE.

Please RSVP for this GUE Equipment presentation using this form to RSVP for the GUE Equipment presentation.

This is a dry event, and will last approximately one (1) hour starting at 10am and noon at Shelter 5.

The GUE Equipment configuration, hallmarked by backplate/wing and long-hose regulators, is a feature-specific set-up used by all GUE students. This presentation will review the features needed to meet GUE requirements and why these features are important to GUE’s holistic, modular, and progressive system. We will review both single tank and doubles setup, as well as exposure protection and accessories. This presentation is a great follow up to the June DUDC Monthly Dinner Meeting and will be invaluable information for anyone considering GUE training in the future. Meredith will also be available to answer questions about GUE and/or Project Baseline.

Please note, while this presentation is free, admission to Lake Phoenix is required. If you would like to participate in the DUDC’s Outing with Lunch and are not a member of their club, please expect to donate $5 and RSVP here.

Lake Phoenix is located at Lake Phoenix – 1 Quarry Lane, Rawlings, VA 23876.

Please RSVP for this GUE Equipment presentation by using this form to RSVP for the GUE Equipment presentation.

3 thoughts on “Free Presentation on GUE Equipment Configuration in Virginia

  1. I can not attend. I hope the presentation is recoded, transcribed put on YouTube, or otherwise shared for all interested divers..

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