Upcoming GUE Classes

Wet Rocks Diving has students seeking a teammate to make the following classes happen:

  • Rec 3: 2-6 Feb 2017, Kona Hawaii, Taught by Mer
  • Tech 1: 23-28 April 2017, Ft Lauderdale Florida, Taught by Mer & Guy Shockey
  • Cave 1: 1-6 May 2017 or thereabouts, High Springs Florida, Taught by Mer

We are also now booking the following GUE classes (find out more about these courses here):

  • Rec 1 (Learn to Dive)
  • Fundamentals, Rec 2, Rec 3, DPV1, Doubles, Drysuit
  • Cave 1
  • Tech 1 (co-taught with another instructor)

Please check the schedule or name your own dates to arrange for your GUE class today!

Green Turtle at cleaning station in Kona, Hawaii. This could be you!

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