A Learn-to-Dive Testimonial

Are you curious about GUE’s Learn-to-Dive program, called Rec 1? Here’s a testimonial from a GUE diver who encouraged his friend to learn to dive through GUE.

I had the opportunity to observe and participate for part of my friend’s GUE Recreational Diver 1 course.  The course was extremely comprehensive with both the in water time as well as the academics and theory of diving principles.  I found it amazing to see my friend evolve from a non-diver into a diver with a solid and stable platform by the end of the class.  It’s truly amazing how much one can learn and progress when they are a blank slate without any bad habits to try to break. What really impressed me is at the conclusion of my friend’s Rec 1 class that he was able to understand and calculate minimum gas, formulate and execute detailed dive plans, and understand minimum decompression, all things that I wish I had learned myself in my open water class many years back.   Knowing what I know now, this class is some of the best time and money spent in your diving.  Rec 1 is a comprehensive learn to dive course that will lay the foundation for enjoyable safe diving.

— M.C., experienced GUE Tech/DPV diver

Want to learn more about how GUE’s Learn-to-Dive program is different? Check this out.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, I have a student looking for a teammate for a mid to late May class in Florida, both springs and ocean (water temps 72f/21c or warmer). This 6 day class will feature nitrox, boat diving, drift, wreck, and some rescue with everything taught in trim/neutral buoyancy/team focus.

Email us today for more info.

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