Updated GUE Minimum Gas Method

In February, GUE released a new version of the Standard Operating Procedures Manual. The current version is now 3.0.

One of the major changes in this new SOP is an update to the method of calculating Minimum Gas which applies across all curricula and is especially important to Recreational and Technical dives. If your last GUE class was prior to mid/late 2015, this method has changed since your class.

To find out more about the specifics of this new min gas method, you can download the current SOP Manual here: GUE SOP Manual. For this link to work you must FIRST be logged into GUE.com and be a GUE member or be currently registered in a GUE course/upgrade. Click on the link above after you have logged in. There is a Change Log at the end of the document for your convenience.

Consider becoming a GUE member today and get continued access to updates like this.

For a refresher on dive planning including calculating minimum gas reserves, contact Wet Rocks Diving today to arrange coaching, in person or over Skype.

4 thoughts on “Updated GUE Minimum Gas Method

  1. As stated in the text above the link also works when registred voor a course. In my case i am registered for C1 at GUE but the link still gives me a message of becoming a member.
    What am I doing wrong?


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