Madison Blue Spring Re-Opens

Current conditions reported by others as 30 feet visibility — ripping flow.  Unusually heavy summer rains had caused the system to flood and close to dive on 7/7/13, just one of many diving closures this summer.

  • 5/16/13 – Open
  • 6/14/13 – Closed
  • 6/29/13 – Open
  • 7/7/13 – Closed
  • 8/5/13 – Open


blsf1_hg USGS.02319302.02.00065.00003.20130501.20130805..0..pres USGS.02319302.05.00055.00003.20130501.20130805..0..pres

2 thoughts on “Madison Blue Spring Re-Opens

  1. 8/22/13 – Closed
    5 days after rather decent amount of rain (3-5 inches) in the area (and Georgia). See post of same date with river heights.

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