Kaitlin: Scuba Diver

Congratulations to Kaitlin for successfully completing GUE’s Learn-to-Dive program, Recreational Diver Level 1! Although the wind/ocean didn’t co-operate with our grand plan to pool, spring, shore, and boat dive during the program, three out of four ain’t bad. We still had a great time and learned a lot!

Kaitlin’s enthusiastic about getting wet to see some more cool offerings at Florida dive sites and I know us at Florida Underwater Explorers will have a blast showing her!

A major thanks to James for keeping Kaitlin and I well fed with home-cooked meals during the class.

James and Kaitlin

James and Kaitlin at Lake Denton

James and Kaitlin

James and Kaitlin in Lake Denton

Kaitlin & Mer after last dive of Rec 1

Kaitlin & Mer after last dive of Rec 1

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