New Issue of Quest Magazine

Volume 15.1 of Global Underwater Explorers’ Quest Magazine is available online, complete with FOUR articles on the Mars wreck.

Quest can be downloaded from this page on GUE’s website, use your GUE profile to login. Not a GUE member? Join here.

Physical copies are currently being mailed to subscribers.

quest 15-1

Articles included:
The Importance of the Exploration and Conservation of Shipwrecks
K. Kenniker

Developing Tools for Non-Intrusive Electronic Marine Archaeological Wreck Excavation: The Mars Project
J. Holmlund, Ph.D.

Maritime Archaeological Investigations of a Legendary Ship
J. Rönnby, Ph.D.

Mars Project: Reconstructing the Hull
N. Eriksson

Equipment & Training: The Value of Closed-Circuit Rebreather Use on the Mars Project
L. Allen, J. Jablonski

Environment: The Uniqueness of the Baltic Sea
H. Hagerman

Ecology: The Baltic Sea: Murky Backwater or Treasure Chamber of Wrecks?
J. Flinkman

Exploration: Mars the Magnificent
R. Lundgren

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