A New Exploration Frontier

Today GUE announces a new exploration initiative. In 2014, projects will stretch from the Florida coast to the Mediterranean utilizing amazing new tools and resources, including submarines! This partnership between Global Underwater Explorers, Project Baseline, Brownie’s Global Logistics and Triton Subs is already producing exciting results. Stay tuned for more adventures and exploration!

Make sure to join the Wet Rocks Diving Facebook group for an easy way to be notified of updates! (Update 6 March: Andros, Update 7 March: Andros, Update 8 March: Andros, Update 20 March: Bimini)
A GUE Diver and sub exploring a wall in Bimini

A GUE Diver and sub exploring a wall in Bimini – Photo courtesy of Brownie’s Global Logistics

Check out the announcement direct from GUE headquarters below.

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