GUE’s Newest Cave 1 Divers

Congratulations to Tina and Andy, of Team Two Thirds Ginger, for successful completion of Cave 1 over the weekend in North Florida.  Great week, tons learned, lots of dives, and beautiful conditions such as this picture from Orange Grove Sink at Peacock Springs. 13 cavern dives, 12 cave dives, 6 caves, and 16.8 hours underwater.

I’ll always remember their massive smiles after their first dive into the cave!

Tina reflects on her experience in class:

How do I even find the words to describe the experience of the last seven days. Andy and I got to spend a week in the water with the amazing underwater Ninja, Meredith Tanguay. At times the challenges seemed overwhelming, but the reward was worth it. Meredith, I cannot thank you enough for helping us gain the skills to explore your underwater paradise. I couldn’t be more proud to officially be a GUE cave diver!

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