New Version of GUE’s SOPs

Last week, GUE released a new version of the Standard Operating Procedures Manual. The current version is now 3.0.

You can download the current SOP Manual here: GUE SOP Manual. For this link to work you must FIRST be logged into and be a GUE member or be currently registered in a GUE course/upgrade. Click on the link above after you have logged in.

There is a Change Log at the end of the document for your convenience.

Consider becoming a GUE member today and get continued access to updates like this.

4 thoughts on “New Version of GUE’s SOPs

  1. SOPs are available to members and students registered in classes. The certification renewal fee supports the printing, processing, and mailing of the certification cards. I encourage divers to maintain a GUE membership to support conservation efforts, get Quest magazine, and the email list, among other benefits. Membership at the Bronze or Silver level allows you to get full course materials for courses you have taken in the past (or will take in future) to stay up to date more in-depth than the SOPs even provide. As always, if you think something should be different, GUE allows any diver or member to submit a “Request for Change” form.

  2. Seems to me the SOP should be available to anyone with a current renewed certification. I was under the impression certification and membership were separate and that certified divers were supposed to keep up with SOP changes. Or something like that.

  3. I’ve tried to find the revised SOP, but when I log in and enter the section the website says “I need to become a member”. I have an electronic membership. Is this not enough?

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