Madison Blue Springs Re-Opens

It’s been a rather dry (for this summer’s weather patter) 2 weeks, with almost a month from the weekend-of-rain in mid-August, Withlacoochee and Suwannee Rivers have seen their pulse, and we’re starting to see caves along these rivers re-open.

Word is that the flow is PUMPING with a visible boil at Madison, however. I hope to get up there soon!

Revisiting the recent Madison history:

  • 5/16/13 – Open
  • 6/14/13 – Closed
  • 6/29/13 – Open
  • 7/7/13 – Closed
  • 8/5/13 – Open
  • 8/22/13 – Closed
  • 9/13/13 – Open

Update:  gauge pics below

USGS.02319302.02.00065..20130501.20130914..0..pres blsf1_hg-sept14

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