Peacock Re-Opens with Challenge More Challenging

A day after Madison Blue re-opens, Peacock Springs re-opens as rivers drop after heavy rains a month ago increased water levels and flooded many of the popular Suwannee River Basin caves. Nearby river gauge at just above 27 ft.

First divers in the system report, that in addition to slight but noticeable flow and 30 ft of visibility, that a large rock has come down in the Challenge Sink area. This rock may not be passable with back-mounted tanks. Our caves are dynamic; please keep this in mind when your plan your dives!

Recent Peacock history:

  • 7/10/13 – Closed
  • 8/11/13 – Open
  • 8/27/13 – Closed
  • 9/14/13 – Open

USGS.02320000.02.00065.00003.20130601.20130914..0..preslura lurf1_hg-sept14

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