Conditions have been great in Florida recently! Check out this video and get a glimpse at some of what Florida cave diving has to offer.

Indian Springs, a Florida gem, is featured in both the opening and closing sequences. Mer makes a few appearances. To find out how Wet Rocks Diving can help you personally experience the beauty and challenge of Florida caves, please visit our Florida Cave Guiding & Travel Packages page.

Shot and produced by colleague and friend, JP Bresser, this video features caves in Florida, Croatia, and Mexico. The Florida section shows, in this order:

  • Peacock-Orange Grove
  • Peacock-Peanut
  • Devil’s System at Ginnie Springs
  • Indian Springs

With these great conditions, Wet Rocks Diving has been out diving, exploring and teaching. More blog updates coming as soon as we can find time to pry them out of the camera.

The Bone Narcosis room in upstream Indian Springs

The Bone Narcosis room in upstream Indian Springs

18 Nov 2013

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