Zen Under Limestone

After those long days in the office, you just need the right dive. No scooters, no stages, no cameras; just grab the backgas, a small bottle of 02, the reel, and go.

Nothing epic, no new line, but taking the time to appreciate the beauty of the colors and the details in the nooks and crannies. Slow kick in; leisurely ride out. Turn off the lights after the switch to O2 and deco in the flickering light of the solitary streetlamp hung over the spring vent.

Since no camera, no pics; but, Andreas captured the feeling of last night’s dive in a couple of shots from a dive a couple months earlier.


Mer finishes her deco in Devil’s Basin after a scooter dive

Mark Redmon decos in Devil's Eye at Ginnie Springs

Mark Redmon decos in Devil’s Eye at Ginnie Springs

30 July 2014

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