Now Offering GUE Tech 1 Instruction

Congratulations to Meredith Tanguay, GUE’s newest Tech 1 instructor in the US!

Meredith “Mer” Tanguay is a recovering astrophysicist, originally from Boston, who began her diving off New England and in the Great Lakes, Mer is a full-time professional scuba educator, cave guide, and the founder of Wet Rocks Diving, based in High Springs, Florida and Kona, Hawaii, USA. Mer teaches Fundamentals, Recreational, Cave, and Technical diving for GUE, making her the only woman teaching both GUE Tech and GUE Cave. She has been diving with GUE for over 15 years and is an avid explorer in both cave and ocean/wreck environments. Some of her recent research projects include: R/V Baseline Explorer CCR diver and volunteer Dive Safety Officer, Project Baseline, Bermuda Deep Reef Survey, Florida Deep Wreck Survey, Port Everglades Pre-Dredge Survey, NOAA Battle of the Atlantic/U576 Project, Battle of the Egadi Islands Italy Archeological Project, Woodville Karst Plain Project, Hawaii Speleological Survey: Kahuku Unit, and Twin Dees and Cathedral Canyons with Karst Underwater Research.

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