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After a summer of much rain, yesterday was my first day diving/guiding in Indian Springs since late May. Indian is my fav cave, so this was a super exciting day!

I’d say conditions were 5-7′ of tannic vis down to 75′ (as long as you don’t kick up the bottom which is a bit fluffier right now than normal). Ambient light at 20′. Single gold line in cavern, in good condition, bullhorn still at ~20′.

The scene at 20'

The scene at 20′

Deco communication with team easy, without getting in each other’s faces. Yellow/green below that and tint/vis improves as go down Mud Tunnel towards T. Mud Tunnel is indeed wall-to-wall vis, but milky. Upstream to 1400′ and Downstream to middle of 3rd room are 80-100′ vis, but milky. Clear, but not quiet yet blue. Some strange swirleyness in cavern, but otherwise no noticeable flow.

Here are some more pictures, quick shots take with no video lights. Overall I think the camera made the lower vis areas look less yellow/brown and the upstream portion look bluer than appeared to naked eye.

Grif in Upstream Indian

Grif in Upstream Indian


Grif and PZ in Upstream Indian

Grif and PZ in Upstream Indian

From 20' looking out of cavern... very brown

From 20′ looking out of cavern… very brown

Another view of water clarity (or not) at 20'

Another view of water clarity (or not) at 20′

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