It’s Here: Spring 2017 NC Schedule

UPDATED: Check this post instead.

The schedule for Wet Rocks Diving’s GUE Fundamentals offerings in RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA have just been posted.

  • Holiday Weekend (Memorial Day): May 26-29, 2017
  • Weekday: June 5-8, 2017 – only one seat remains
  • Weekend Overlap: June 10-13, 2017  – only one seat remains
  • Upgrades can also be arranged during these dates.

GUE Fundamentals – Part 1 (2-day, first half of Fundamentals)

  • Weekend: June 3-4, 2017

If any of these classes interest you, or you know someone they would be perfect for, email us today. Seats will go fast!

Looking for a Fundamentals class in Florida, look here.


  • **Special Cave 1**: Oct 21-26, 2017 Co-taught by Gideon & Mer, right before the GUE Conference in High Springs Florida
  • Tech 1: Nov 6-11 2017: South Florida. Mer & Gideon. Scheduled right after DEMA, dates negotiable.

Interested? Email us today. Seats will go fast!

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