Fall & 2018 Course Availability

NOW POSTED! The fall schedule (and early 2018) has been posted: here. Seats are rapidly filling. Email us today if you are interested. Don’t miss out!

More updates will be coming soon!

Here is an update on Wet Rocks Diving’s course offerings for Spring 2017 (and a bit beyond), with current seats remaining. As always, if you’re looking for a class to meet your schedule or take place in your location, please inquire.

If you’re interested in any of the classes below or want more information, email us today, as seats are going fast!

REC 1 – LEARN TO DIVE (max 2 new students, 1 refresher)

  • N & S FL: May 16-21 – FULL, refresher seat only remains

GUE FUNDAMENTALS (max 3 new students)

  • High Springs (North Central FL): April 2-5 – FULL
  • Luraville (North Central FL): April 7-10 – FULL
  • Stuart (South FL): May 2-5 – two seats remain
  • Ft. Lauderdale (South FL): *rescheduled to Nov 13-16* dates negotiable
  • Raleigh NC: May 26-29 (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • Raleigh NC: June 5-8 – FULL
  • Raleigh NC: June 10-13  – only one seat remains
  • High Springs (North Central FL): Jun 26-29 – tentatively FULL

FUNDAMENTALS PART 1 ONLY (2-day, first half of Fundamentals, max 3 new students)

  • Raleigh NC: June 3-4


  • Additional scheduled on demand

FUNDAMENTALS TWEAK/REFRESHER (w/ upgrade opportunity, max 3 students)

  • High Springs FL: April 2-5
  • Luraville FL: April 7-10 – FULL
  • High Springs FL: April 21 – one seat remains
  • Raleigh NC: Weekend and Weekday options in late May/early June – two seats on each schedule remain

TECH 1 (all classes below are Ft. Lauderdale area, South Florida, max 3 students)

  • April 23-28 – Guy Shockey & Mer – FULL
  • Nov 6-11 – Mer & Gideon. Scheduled right after DEMA, dates negotiable.

CAVE 1 (all classes below are North Florida)

  • March 17-22: FULL
  • Aug 7-12: one seat remains
  • **Special**: Oct 21-26: Co-taught by Gideon & Mer, right before the GUE Conference in High Springs Florida  – 5 seats remain
  • Nov 26-Dec1, dates negotiable
  • Dec 11-16: FULL
  • Dec 26-31, dates negotiable

INTEREST LIST — We have people interested in these classes, but no teammate and/or no firm dates. If you’re interested in one of these classes, let us know and let’s see if we can make it happen!
Rec 3 – Deep Diver (like Advanced Nitrox, but with helium too)
Rec 2 – Like Advanced & Rescue (but with helium also)
Rec 1 – Learn to Dive
Cave 1
GUE Fundamentals in Fall 2017: North/South Florida, NC and other locations.

If you’re interested in any of these classes or want more information, email us today, as seats are going fast!

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