Wet Rocks Diving’s Schedule in Calendar Format

Color KEY *Important*:
GREY = Holidays or Events, no effect on availability
RED = full classes/bookings,
GREEN = classes with students with remaining seats available,
YELLOW = Proposed classes/events. These could be changed to a different date, different class, or sometimes even a different location. Email us!
– BLANK = Nothing planned yet. Email us!
Wet Rocks Diving has multiple instructors on our team, so do ask us even if there is already a class on your desired dates.

Find Locations: If you’re trying to find when Wet Rocks Diving may be in your preferred dive locale, check out our schedule on GUE.COM

Add A Class: As always, if you’re looking for a class in your location or on your teams’ specific dates, please email us to request we put it on the schedule.

Seats: STUDENT REGISTRATIONS AT GUE.COM DO NOT REFLECT CLASS SEATS AVAILABLE. Please email us to inquire about remaining seats in your desired class. Thanks!  Multiple classes may occur with different instructors on same date!

Especially during COVID-19 — Waitlists: If you’re interested in a class showing *FULL* do inquire, we are taking waitlists and there is a good chance of you getting a seat in this class, especially during these strange times. Email us today!


To increase safety and distancing, we’ve moved much of our classroom time to LIVE, INTERACTIVE Zoom sessions, with recordings available as a Plan B for some sessions. Live, interactive learning with an instructor will remain at the core of our educational methods at Wet Rocks Diving, and online learning has actually afforded us the chance to build even more resources for our students. It’s super exciting and great things are happening. So far online learning has been well-liked by students and has proven effective. Right now you’re getting more content for the same tuition. Attend a Fundamentals Info Session (see below) to find out more.

You’ll find the schedule for online learning sessions below. These are generally posted 1-2 months in advance. You’ll receive MUCH more information about how to progress through Online Learning in the Info Session and our Clients-Only preparation website, but the short version is that Modules 1, 2A and 2B are generally done well before class, if possible. With the rest of the sessions (3, 4, 5, Capstone, Field Drills) being attended (or reviewed again) in the 2-4 weeks immediately prior to your on-site class dates.


If you haven’t yet had a long one on one phone call with Mer or Max, or want to find out more about our COVID procedures, online learning, or the Quarry Tour, then you should attend a Fundamentals info session on Zoom. We’ll discuss what Fundamentals is all about, what to expect, the methodology used, equipment requirements, and the Wet Rocks Diving difference. Email us to find out when the next info session is!

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