South Florida Charters

We’re going diving in South Florida!

Mer has a couple classes coming up in South Florida, we’ve set up charters for these class, and this brings the opportunity to get some friends together and join up on the charters and meet some new GUE Recreational or Technical dive buddies.

GUE South Florida Fun Dive Charter Dates – Spring 2017
Date Class Type Dive Type Location/Shop
April 26 AM Wed Tech 1 Wreck Dives, Double Dip Captain Dan, 110ft to sand (recreational possible here) Pompano Dive Center
April 27 AM Thurs Tech 1 Wreck Dives, Double Dip Lady Luck, 130ft to sand Pompano Dive Center
April 27 PM Thurs Tech 1 Wreck Dive, Tech Charter, Clinton or other in 150ft range Pompano Dive Center
April 28 AM Fri Tech 1 Wreck Dive, Tech Charter, Hydro Atlantic Pompano Dive Center
April 29 AM Sat Not a class day Mer is looking for a buddy…
Anyone fancy a tech dive?
Nothing is booked yet for this date
Pompano Dive Center
May 3 AM Wed Fundamentals Shallow: 20ft ish Stuart Scuba
May 4 AM Thurs Fundamentals Shallow: 40ft ish Stuart Scuba
May 20 PM Sat Rec 1 Shallow: 30ft ish Pompano Dive Center
May 21 AM Sun Rec 1 Wreck & Reef: 50-70ft Pompano Dive Center

How To Book

  • Secure a teammate or two (do not assume you can dive with the class unless this is specifically pre-arranged with Mer)
  • Call the dive shop to book
    • Pompano Dive Center – 954-788-0208
    • Stuart Scuba – 772-600-8288
  • Ask to be put on the boat with “Mer’s class”
  • Make sure you’ve noticed if charter is AM or PM

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