Tech 1 with Gid & Mer

Coming this fall… Mer and Gideon are teaming up again, this time to offer a GUE Tech 1 class in South Florida, featuring graduation dives on some great wrecks off Ft Lauderdale. This class is scheduled after GUE’s 2017 Global Conference in nearby Gainesville, Florida.


Gideon is based in Asia and is an active cave and tech diver all over the world, participating in many exploration projects, especially those on deep wrecks in the South China Sea. He is one of GUE’s Technical Instructor Evaluators and teaches all levels of Tech plus Cave 1. He has taught several GUE Tech classes in Florida.

Mer is a Florida local and a member of several Florida-based cave exploration teams. She is an active tech diver in South Florida, including diving and acting as a Dive Safety Officer for the Florida Deep Wrecks, Port Everglades Channel Project Baseline missions, and other missions on R/V Baseline Explorer. She is a Cave 1 instructor and a Tech 1 instructor-candidate.

The class is current scheduled for Nov 6-11, 2017 so that:
Gid & Mer Cave 1 –> GUE Conference –> DEMA –> this Tech 1

If you or your team need a different schedule, just ask!

For more information about this class, please contact Mer.

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