Florida Cave Fest 2018

Florida Cave Fest 2018

Hosted and sponsored by Extreme Exposure Dive Center, Halcyon, and Santi. Cave Fest 2018 will run from Nov 2 thru Nov 10, 2018. Most events are free to the public. Divers of all certifications and agencies are welcome.

Official website is here: https://floridacavefest.com/  Please use this link to RSVP for headcount is appreciated.

The calendars below include official events associated with Cave Fest, and other offerings in the area during the Cave Fest week — aka Unofficial Events. Use the Google Calendar logo in the lower right hand corner if you wish to add this calendar to your google calendar for easy reference during the event. Agenda and Calendar view below provided by Wet Rocks Diving for your convenience.

Click on an event to find out more information and each event’s location.


O’Leno State Park

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